About The Artist

Welcome! I'm Alycia, the designer, creator, and shop-runner of mossNstone. 

The art of jewelry design and metal fabrication has run in my family for generations. My mother and aunt were also metal fabricators and jewelry designers in the 1970s.

I have a passion for simple, clean, modern, earthy designs, that showcase the natural beauty of the stones and metal. I love creating engagement rings. I am happily married with a new little one!  The symbolism and importance of creating a piece for a proposal and marriage is endlessly inspiring to me. I pour my love and passion into every detail of a piece, before it is sent off to it's new home for a lifetime of meaning and importance. 

In addition to designing and creating the pieces, I communicate directly with my customers. Whenever you send an email, or message on instagram, you will reach me personally, and it's a delight for me to communicate with you one-on-one! 

Custom orders are the heart and soul of mossNstone. My buyers have inspired me to push my boundaries, and I've created some of the most beautiful pieces when working on a custom piece. If you have something unique you would like to design, you can email me here, to discuss the possibilities. 

My materials:
I source organic, untreated, and natural conflict-free stones. I work 
directly with small family-run suppliers, where they polish the diamonds themselves. We work closely together to determine the best specimens to be set.  All rough and polished diamonds are conflict-free, and in compliance with the Kimberley Process. The KP unites administrations, civil societies, and industry in nearly eliminating the flow of conflict diamonds into trades around the world.
All single point accent diamonds are sourced from the Jewelry district in Los Angeles, New Jersey, and New York. 
 All of my jewelry is crafted exclusively using 100% recycled metals. And every piece is hallmarked with a metal purity stamp (14k).

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