Custom Payment Options

I am happy to set up a custom payment option for you here at mossNstone. This is available for any item, ready to ship or custom, valued over $450.

The plan is interest free, and there is no cost to set up. 

Here is how the custom payment plan works:

I will break your total cost into 2, 3, or 4 custom payments. 

I will set up the tailored payments, for you to purchase one at a time on a custom order page. Your first payment will offically reserve your chosen ring, and put your order on my production queue.

I prefer the cost is paid over 3 months or less, but the plan is customizable, as long as we both agree.

Your ring will ship after it is all paid.

If you prefer to receive the item, and then make the payments after, I recommend going through your major credit card, or using one of the interest free, or low interest option available through Affirm.

Contact me if you would like to set up a custom payment plan on any item!