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Custom: Round Rose Cut Salt and Pepper Diamond Ring

Custom: Round Rose Cut Salt and Pepper Diamond Ring

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This ring is handmade to order.
Select your exact salt and pepper diamond from the lettered parcel.
Customize setting style, band, and upgrades with the menu below. 

View inspiration gallery.
You ring will be created in a 100% handmade artisan gold setting. 

Current production time is 4-6 weeks

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Diamond Dimensions

Band measurements: 1.5mm x 1.3mm
Diamond measurements:
R1 • .94ct • 5.8mm
R2 • .88ct • 6mm
R3 • 1.0 ct • 6.5mm
R4 • 1.17ct • 6.7mm
R5 • 1.29ct • 7.1mm
R6 • 1.17ct • 6.7mm
R7 • 1.63ct • 6.7mm
R8• 1.13ct • 7.1mm
R9 • 1.19ct • 7.1mm
R10 • 1.14ct • 7.1mm
R11 • 1.61ct • 7mm
R12 • 1.28ct • 7mm
R13 • 1.22ct • 7.1mm
R14 • 1.92ct • 7.2mm
R15 • 1.55ct • 7.9mm
R16 • 1.70ct • 8.3mm

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I am here to answer any questions you have about designing your custom piece.

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Jewelry Care

I recommend cleaning your rings once a month with mild soap, warm water, and a soft toothbrush.

All of my rings heriloom quality, and are designed to last years to come. mossNstone pieces are intended for daily wear, however these pieces are not indestructible. There are certain times you will want to remove your jewelry where the piece could be subject to unusual pressure, rough surfaces, or compramised. Some examples are: sports, rough outdoor activities, heavy cleaning, gardening etc.

Your jewelry comes with a complimentary 3 year manufacturer warranty

I also recommended purchasing a personal article insurance policy for your fine jewelry. This will fully cover you if you loose your jewelry, damage caused by accidents and and theft. 

Need a close up?

Need a close up? I can send you close-up, individual photos, of any loose diamond. Contact me to request. Include diamond shape, and letter requests.  (ie. Pear Cut, D, E and F). Photos may take 1-3 days. Available diamonds are not reserved until purchased.

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Custom: Round Rose Cut Salt and Pepper Diamond Ring